Fashion tips that ladies with small boobs should know

Breasts are an important asset for women and also contributes to their self-consciousness. For those that think ladies with small busts are not attractive, nothing could be further from the truth. Small busts are a huge fashion statement. This is because there are those garments that are designed for a smaller chest, making it easy for small-busted women to wear low-cut tops, backless and even go bra-less!

Here are the basics every lady needs to know about their small breasts:

Show off your plunging neckline

There are types of necklines which include high, low and mid. Ladies with small breasts can pull off any type of neckline. The plunging neckline is a strong asset because it compliments their slim shape and flatters the shoulders, chests.

Your waist creates an illusion of bigger boobs

When you want to fake your way to a fuller bust, choose an outfit that will clinch and accentuate the waist. This also gives an hour glass figure that creates curves at the right places.

You can wear backless tops peacefully

They are popularly known as ‘mgongo wazi’. Small breasts have no limit because one can be able to rock a backless top with no full bra support or go bra-less. Nobody can notice your melons have not been supported.

Show off your shoulders/arms

Another advantage of having small breasts is, there are body features that should never be ignored. The shoulders and arms. For one to put the spotlight on those two features, simply opt for strapless, off shoulder and cold shoulder tops/dresses/jumpsuits.